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▼​​​​​​​ Design Concept
The design concept of Pink Lab by K
传统观念里粉红色常常让人联想起女性的柔美,但这次和Pink Lab合作运用了两种特调的粉色和其材质的特性,transparency and reflection配合灯光设计来表达出不同姿态的美可以温柔,可以独立,也可以张扬。除此之外,Pink Lab的设计也希望体现一种像实验室般的干净和细致。粉色主题和利落的线条感共同带给客人一种超现实的视觉冲击,体现品牌“美的多样性”这一定位,无论年龄、性格和喜好,都能在此找到适合自己的产品
In contrast to the traditional idea that pink signifies delicate beauty, the design for Pink Lab utilises two different tones of pink and transparent materials illuminated by light to demonstrate the diversity of beauty. The aesthetic of Pink Lab is also meant to evoke a sense of laboratory precision and orderliness. The guests will get a delightful visual effect from the pink theme and the sharp lines.
▼ Rendering
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Pink Lab By K
Address: LOT 17B, Level 10, Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Instagram: @ PINK_LAB_BY_K
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