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We has created a playful and whimsical bubble tea store for NoFail Bubble Tea Shop in the redeveloped high-density residential and commercial precinct of Wolli Creak Community Hub.
With the challenge of a small budget and short time frame, we remove the need for complex joinery to create visual interest by focusing the design on the use of a striking pastel color scheme to attract the attention of passers-by to the store, creating a dramatic injection of colour to the street. 
Inspired by Designer's travels to Barcelona, the design aesthetic draws on the use of colourful mosaics found all over Gaudi's Parc Guell, but in a modern arrangement and softer palette. The triangular tile patterns are NoFail's signature motifs that are synonymous with other NoFail tea shops, however each pattern is unique to its shop setting.
The client requested a fun, 'bubbly' space that would represent the playfulness behind the NoFail tea brand. An array of shapes inserted in unconventional placements creates a wonderland-like atmosphere, creating a unique identity for a brand that aims to appeal to the social media savvy generation Z. 
The brand's philosophy is positive energy encapsulated in a drink, a 'no failure zone' as their brand motto, stamped on each drink cup which has a unique rounded edge design. The shop design aims to capture the essence of a NoFail drink - fun and refreshing.
At 57 sqm, more than 50% of the space had to be allocated to the back-of-house operations such as the requirement for a spacious prep area and hidden storage. The designer took advantage of the high ceilings to play with recessed lighting to create the sense of a larger and lighter space. Strip lighting was used to highlight the sculptural arches and angular shapes to draw the eye upwards.
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NoFail, Wolli Creek
Address: ViVid Building Retail AU NSW, Shop 2A/7 Magdalene Terrace, Wolli Creek NSW 2205
Open hour: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Instagram: @ Nofailau
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